Week Three: “President Clements really wants us to focus on teaching while we find.” (July 29, 2013)

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for all the emails. I always look forward to p-day and hearing from everyone. Elder G and I taught Betsy again Monday and it went great. Betsy seemed receptive to our message, but she admitted she does not feel the love of God. We tried to help her recognize the spirit so she could feel His love, but she has been taught to not rely on her feelings. We kept trying to help her but it will have to come in time. We have not been able to meet with her again since Monday, but we know she felt the spirit and she is trying to organize everything in her life right now.

Elder G and I have been able to visit with less actives and that has been great. We have also focused on tracting and contacting around St. Cloud University. It has been nice to focus our work in one area. It keeps our planning easy and I am sure we will start to find more success as the school gets up and running again. We still have not received word on when we will be allowed to use social media but when we can we will find a lot of success. President Clements really wants us to focus on teaching while we find. It is a difficult art to master, but it allows us to bare our testimonies everywhere we go.

We went on splits with the assistants to the president (APs), so it was fun to take the one and a half hour drive to Bloomington and meet with them. I was paired up with Elder McDoughn (Mc-Done-a). They had so many people they needed to visit! It was crazy! I know Elder G and I are whitewashing our area right now but it was crazy to be as busy as we were with the APs. In time our area will be as busy as theirs if we keep at it.

Well, back to work! Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Ysasaga
Homework: Read Moroni 7 and email me what you learn!
Bonus: Count the number of times Christ is referenced.
PS: Brandon, it is still hot in Minnesota!


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