Week Two: “The Work Always Progresses Forward…” (July 22, 2013)

Another week full of tracting here in the mission field. Elder Grodkowski and I have been pressing forward in the work. St Cloud is one of the more populated towns in Minnesota and it still feels tiny! The only reason it is considered large is because it has a university in town.  So my companion and I have tried tracting college town (to no avail). We were tracting there Saturday and you could tell all the students were suffering from hangovers. It was kind of funny to be honest. Some of them were launching fireworks midday.

Saturday was our most noteable day of work. Last week we had set up an appointment to meet with a lady we met while tracting . We drove by her home a couple of minutes before the appointment. When we drove by, she was out front and her blinds were open. We prayed before we got out of the car and then began walking to her house. We realized shortly that she had gone inside, closed her blinds, and left the Book of Mormon we gave her on her porch. Elder Grodkowski and I looked at each other and could not help but laugh a little. We got her message and continued on our way.

President Clements told us when we first arrived to look for the miracles in each day that we proselyte. To be honest I did not see the miracles in the work we had performed thus far, but they would become evident come Sunday evening. Sunday was like any other Sunday. We woke up, got ready for church, and attended our meetings. We went home afterward, ate lunch, studied, and went off to our dinner appointment. We gave our message, continued on our way, and tracted for a couple of hours. At 8pm every Sunday evening we meet with the Ward Mission Leader Brother Otis at his home. Brother Otis returned from his mission 9 months ago and he is anxiously engaged in the work. He is great to work with. He has been re-creating the ward mission plan to help the ward get more active in the work. Anyway, while we were meeting with him his wife’s friend texted her asking  if he could give her a blessing. She has had a lot of trouble lately and she received a blessing from Brother Otis before and felt the comfort from that blessing. We visited with her for a while and we are going to start teaching her today! Looking back on our first two weeks, the fact that we had met nobody was a miracle so that we could help Betsy out whenever she needs us.

The work always progresses forward, without us even realizing it!
Love you all!
Elder Ysasaga
Scripture of the Week: St Luke 17:6. Compare with Alma 32:28-34 and email me what you learn!
PS: Thanks for the packages!

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