From The MTC: “These Verses Gave Me Confidence and Let Me Know That I Need to Rely On the Spirit Even More.” (July 5, 2013)

Hello Everyone,
Another successful week here at the MTC! Elder Crook and I are hard at work spreading the gospel (to members of the church). We have had opportunities to practice teaching in role plays. A role play is when someone plays the role of an investigator and the missionaries practice teaching them. We have learned a lot through these experiences and have learned how to work with each other as well. In one of these role plays we taught an old Japanese man named Junichi. We were excited for our first lesson with him because he seemed like he was ready for the gospel, but when we arrived he had no intrest in the church. Elder Crook and I kept trying to get him to talk about religon but he would not. We left the lesson and to be honest, I felt a bit discouraged. I came across D&C 50:13-25 and these verses gave me confidence and let me know that I need to rely on the spirit even more. Two days later (after lots of prayer and preperation) we got to teach Junichi again. Elder Crook and I came to the relization that whatever happens happens. So we went in there and we got him to sing I Am a Child of God with us and he said he would come to church! We felt so great when we left because we, through the power of the spirit, got Junichi to talk about his religous beliefs.
Elder Crook and I are zone leaders so last Wednesday we had to take the two new districts on a tour with the sister training leaders. The sisters, Elder Crook and I were laughing that we were them just a week ago. We have grown so much during this last week. It is great here and I have grown so much in the church. I only have 30 minutes to email so I am almost out of time. Thanks to everyone for emailing me and I will be able to send a much longer message next week!
Elder Ysasaga
P.S. Elder Crook is serving in the Minneapolis, Minnesota Mission

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